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I'm sick AGAIN.

Why me.?

Do me Lucas please please do me lol

ILU LucasCollapse )



Of all the time to be screwed up FF you decide to do it a day after the OTH cast pic comes out. Come on I want to see the lolz from this pic and the stills OMG Chad/Hilarie is going to own Chad's episode.


Thankyou Florida

hell fuck yeah ;dfjgldnjgldfklfdklfdjnkld I can't believe I lived to see a biracial president elect. thank you for the others who thought it was time for a change. Honestly anyone is better then MCcain and even though I started off rooting for Hilary I'm more proud that I got to vote for Barack.


Hate being sick.

Boo I'm sick and its cold. I need someone to snuggle with dammit. On the good part I got a new Ipod. Yay for me lol

ILU Chad. Stay pimpin yo

I love this man heheh ILUChadCollapse )

Get off Joe's nuts

I don't know how long this will be but ohh well.

RantCollapse )